Wedding Songs for that special day

Jul 13, 2022

There Is A Love

Becky Frith

A beautiful song celebrating the wonders  of love, both human and divine. 'Here in this place, here in this moment, there is a love.'

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

George Matheson | Jonathan Veira | Susan Veira

This deeply moving song is adapted from George Matheson's hymn written in 1882 and reflects the love of God in all its colourful and imaginative glory. A new tune plus added chorus from Jonathan Veira allows this hymn to shine even more brightly.

Immortal Invisible

Tom McConnell

Adapted from the original hymn, Tom McConnell's version is upbeat with new verse lyrics and a chorus thanking God for immeasurable joy, love and peace. A song to unite all ages.

Love Divine

Andy Green | Charles Wesley | John Zundel

One of Charles Wesley's best-known hymns, this version is lilting in musical design, yet stays true to the excelling nature of God's love which is able to transform and restore. Emphasises the importance of relationship built upon God's pure unbounding love .

Praise To The Lord

Jonathan Rea

A resounding hymn expressing  praise to the Lord. Perfect for the big occasions.

Goodness Of God

(I love you Lord, oh your mercy never fails me)

Ed Cash | Ben Fielding | Jason Ingram | Jenn Johnson | Brian Johnson

The absolute goodness of God absolutely resonates! And that is why this song has so exquisitely flourished. Divinely held by God, knowing the reliability of his goodness and mercy in every season, is literally some of the best news ever! 

Christ Be With Me

(Prayer Of St Patrick)

Emma Townend | Joseph Townend | Stuart Townend

Based on ‘The Prayer of St Patrick’ (sometimes known as ‘St Patrick’s Breastplate’), 'Christ Be With Me'  recognises the closeness of Christ in every part of our lives. Accessible to churches from many different streams, denominations and musical styles, this song is essentially a blessing for unity, guidance and protection on life's journey.

Here Is Love

(Grace Takes My Sin)

William Rees | Kate Simmonds

A new chorus and recent recording by Kate Simmonds adapts and re-imagines  the classic hymn 'Here Is Love.' First penned by William Rees in 1847, and later associated with the 1904-1905 Welsh revival, it's a timely reminder of God's incessant grace and love .

Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven

Henry Francis Lyte | Jonathan Veira

A splendid interpretation of 'Praise My Soul the King Of Heaven' by Jonathan Veira with a new melody and an added chorus at the end of each verse. 

The King Of Love

John Bacchus Dykes | Henry Williams Baker | Andy Green

An uplifting adaption of the classic hymn written in the 1860's  based on Psalm 23. With a more modern musical approach of celtic rhythm and lilt, we are reminded of the Lord's goodness and guidance.

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