Goodness Of God

Sue Rinaldi | Jul 1, 2022

In times of uncertainty, challenge and change, there is something very restorative and sustaining about fixing our attention upon an ever faithful and loving God. Whatever life may throw at us, and recently there has been a lot to contend with, the goodness of God is consistent and dependable. We may not always understand the twists and turns of our planetary journey, but thankfully there is a God who guides us through and will never leave us. Recognition of that kind of faithfulness from God lies behind the breathtakingly powerful ‘Goodness Of God’. 

Jenn Johnson, one of the co-writers, explained how in the middle of the process of adopting a child, she recorded a song on her phone about the faithfulness and kindness of God. That impromptu recording led to ‘Goodness of God’. Featured on Bethel Music’s eleventh live album ‘Victory’ on November 1st 2019, alternate versions have also been released by Bethel. The authenticity of the song’s message has obviously impacted thousands around the world, evidenced by its inclusion on several albums released by various churches, live worship events and worship leaders. 

The absolute goodness of God absolutely resonates! And that is why the song has so exquisitely flourished. Surrounded by so much fake news, bad news, fear and trepidation, Jenn’s real-life experience of being daily and divinely held by God and knowing the reliability of his goodness and mercy, is literally some of the best news ever! Who wouldn’t want to sing about it?

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