10 Songs To Revitalise Your Services

Jun 1, 2022

Fed up of singing the same songs each week? Looking for songs to revamp your Sunday services? Here are a selection of songs, some newly written, some a little older but all of which with the potential to freshen worship and inspire congregations. 

Holy Overshadowing

Graham Kendrick | Ben Trigg

A prayer to come under the shadow of God’s wings in times of adversity.

Hallowed Be Your Name

Simon Brading | Anna Brading

Anthemic in nature, ‘Hallowed Be Your Name’ is a majestic offering of worship that never deviates from its fixed point, that Jesus Christ is Lord. Musically steady yet strong, it will surely inspire and stir up a deep level of reverence. 

Graves Into Gardens

Brandon Lake | Chris Brown | Steven Furtick | Tiffany Hudson

Winner of the Dove Award for the 'Worship Recorded Song of 2021', 'Graves Into Gardens' is an invitation to sing of the transformative power of God

My Heart Will Sing To You

Robin Mark

A warm and lilting proclamation of the rich and pure love of God. With an uplifting chorus, the proclamation becomes personal. 

May The Peoples Praise You

Ed Cash | Keith Getty | Kristyn Getty | Stuart Townend | David Zimmer

Firmly declaring the name of Jesus is worthy to be praised by all nations, 'May The Peoples Praise You' exhorts every tribe, every nation and all of creation to exuberantly sing out to the risen Christ.

You Are Worthy

Sam Blake | Ian Yates

Upbeat and energetic, ‘You Are Worthy’ is a strong declaration of praise from Elim Sound writers Ian Yates and Sam Blake. As we join with the praises from angels and all of creation, the resplendent sound of celebration proclaims God to be the only one worthy to be praised. 

Your Kingdom Come

Pete James | Harvey Jessop

A well-paced song giving thanks for new life found  in Christ. With hints of the Lord's Prayer throughout, the final verse looks towards a time when God's will is done on earth as it is in heaven. Let your kingdom come!


Joanne Hogg | Phil Hart

Rich in lyrical content and hymnal in structure, the greatest act of sacrificial love is the overarching focus of this beautifully crafted song. A powerful reminder of our eternal hope because of Jesus’ death, triumphant resurrection, and future return. 

Come Holy Spirit

(Come Holy Spirit, fill us now)

Joanna Alden | Jonny Alden | Harvey Jessop | Pete Willmot

Prayerful and full of passion, ‘Come Holy Spirit’ is a heartfelt cry expressing how much we need to be filled with the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit. Not to be limited to Pentecost, this is a song to be sung all year round!

Be Still and Know

Sam Cox | Alan Frow

In January, several weeks before the war in Ukraine began, Sam Cox and Alan Frow wrote 'Be Still And Know'  from Psalm 46. The Psalm has since become a focal point for prayer as the church worldwide lifts the situation before the Lord. With help from Ukrainian friends, in the USA and in Ukraine, this version is in English and Ukrainian. The sincere hope is that it delivers peace, comfort and encouragement to the Ukrainian church, in ways that music uniquely can.

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