Top 10 Summer Kids Club Songs

Jun 27, 2022

Be Strong and Courageous (A Sea Shanty)

Doug Horley | Mark Read

This brand new worship song from Duggie Dug Dug and Mark Read reminds us of God's promise to be with us everywhere we go. Floating on top of a contemporary sea-shanty arrangement with excellent vocals and harmonies and a catchy singable melody, it's a great resource for all-age services. The video features British Sign Language actions making it easy and accessible for all and is available from for use outside the home.

I'm All In

Ian Yates | Hilary Sanders | Sam Blake | Sue Rinaldi

Energetic and upbeat, the Big Start theme song at the 2022 Spring Harvest event is pumping with vibe and a great message. We've all been given gifts, so let's use them and be part of God's action plan to fix up this world with love! 'I'm all in, We're all in, We're all in this together.'

Creator God

Becky Drake | Nick J. Drake

Nick & Becky Drake unite all ages with their highly popular ‘Creator God’ painting a musical picture of the wonders of God’s creative handiwork and our place in God’s amazing story. Imaginative lyrics and a singable tune make this an absolute winner!

God Suit On

Harvey Jessop | Pete James

Hands up those who haven't heard this stunner of a song? Brilliantly worded, 'God Suit On' is a positive encouragement to follow the Ephesians 6 faith-protection plan, otherwise known as the putting on the armour of God. Everyone will love singing this blockbuster!

The Joy Song (From My Head To My Toes)

Pete James

With a musical bounce that feels like summer 'The Joy Song', written by Pete James and recorded by Cheeky Pandas, delivers exactly what it promises...a huge bundle of joy! Easy to learn and fun to sing,  altogether...a perfect way to illustrate the joy only God can give. 

Shout It Out

Becky Frith | Trevor Ranger

Time for the dance vibes to begin! 'Shout It Out' is a full-on expression of praise  that will definitely liven up the atmosphere! Written by Becky Frith and Trevor Ranger, 'Shout It Out' encourages young people to sing out their praise to God in a very contemporary musical style.

Walking With You

Trevor Ranger

Trevor Ranger is a seasoned song writer for all-age services and kids clubs. 'Walking With You' is musically cool and choppy, easy to learn and encourages young people to walk in the love and truth of Jesus. 

All Through History

Becky Drake

Written by Becky Drake, 'All Through History' reads like a storybook. We hear about Noah, Moses, David, Daniel and's almost a who's who of the Bible! Attach a melody that jumps to greet you like a favourite friend and the outcome is not only great to sing but a wonderful teaching assistant.

God Can Do Anything

Doug Horley

This is classic Duggie Dug Dug! The message is loud and clear..yes, God can do anything so let's not box him in or put a limit on what he can do! But the fun comes  when each time round the musical tempo speeds up producing a chaotic frenzy of brilliance! 

I Reach Up High

Judy Bailey

Actions immediately draw children in and ‘I Reach Up High’ is jam-packed full of them. With an easy-to-learn bounce of a melody, this popular vibrant song is a wonderful expression of thankfulness to God

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