Top 10 Bible Story Songs for Children

Jan 9, 2023

Roll The Stone Away

Paul Field

A rocking celebration of the time when the women went to Jesus' tomb and found the stone rolled away. Jesus was alive!


Susie Poole

With great storytelling and an easy singable tune, this song  tells how Jonah was eaten by a whale and then spat out.  Jonah learnt quite a few lessons from this sea encounter.

All Through History

Becky Drake

Written by Becky Drake, 'All Through History' reads like a storybook. We hear about Noah, Moses, David, Daniel and's almost a who's who of the Bible! Attach a melody that jumps to greet you like a favourite friend and the outcome is not only great to sing but a wonderful teaching assistant.

Giant Of Faith

Pete James | Cheeky Pandas

Very quickly finding a place in churches, children’s clubs and Sunday schools, ‘Giant Of Faith’ has become  incredibly popular. Excellent for bringing Bible characters to life and for encouraging a faith that is strong, and all held together with an extremely singable tune. A perfect combination! 

With God On Your Side

Trevor Ranger

Based on 1 Samuel 17 & 1 Peter 5:7 we hear of David the shepherd boy who defeated the giant Goliath. With God on your side…you never need to fear.

The Clip-Clop Beat

Sam Hargreaves | Bob Hartman

All wrapped up in an energetic dance beat, we  hear about Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. It's a celebration.. 'Everybody sing, Praises To the King'

Peace Peace

Becky Frith | Trevor Ranger

'Who is this man, that at his command, the wind and the waves must obey?' 'Peace, Peace',  brilliantly told with a lovely tune and arrangement, decribes the time when  Jesus calmed the storm. 

Be Strong and Courageous (A Sea Shanty)

Doug Horley | Mark Read

Taking the words from verse 9 of Joshua 1, this sea shanty is a lot of fun to sing and play and has a very clear message.

Rise and Shine (Arky Arky)

David Ball

Entertaining and educational -  describing the wonderful assortment of animals that were herded into Noah's ark.  

Blowing Wind And Tongues Of Flame

Sam Hargreaves | Bob Hartman

The story of Pentecost from the time when the disciples and Jesus's friends gathered in the upper room to when the Holy Spirit came, and spread like wildfire. New believers, baptisms..Pentecost changed everything!

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