Top 10 Contemporary Christian Songs

Nov 10, 2022

I Can Only Imagine

Bart Millard

This best-selling song, made famous by MercyMe, imagines what it would be like to be in front of God in heaven. Inspiration came to writer Bart Millard as he reflected upon his Father's death, resulting in a song that has connected deeply with millions of people. 

To The Highest Place

Jonathan Ogden

Jonathan Ogden is  known for crafting well-structured songs with appealing melodies. 'To The Highest Place' exalts the God who stepped down from heaven to earth. Suitable  for a reflective performance piece.


Darren Mulligan | Kyle Williams

With an attractively infectious beat and chant-like chorus, 'Power' succeeds in packing a punch. The lyrical focus on having courage when you open up to power of the Holy Spirit is  sustaining.


Geek Boy | Ben Davies | Samantha Jabangwe | Jon Sewell

With a musical nod to disco and featuring rap, this upbeat song is an unabashed celebration of love - divine or human. Ideal for a variety occasions and great for youth.

Show Us Your Glory

Rob Westall

A reflective and absorbing song looking at the need for God's kingdom to come on earth. The chorus is a prayer : 'Holy Spirit let your glory fall'. 


Anna Brading

An honest and positive declaration of the need for Jesus to be a lifeline 'even in the dark night of the soul'. Suitable as a presentation piece during reflection and response.

Risen King

(Light pierced through the dark)

Andi Gardner | Ben Daintree | Olly Knight

Bordering on the dance genre, with a melody that's clear and easy to learn, 'Risen King' celebrates Jesus, the defeater of death. 

Chain Reaction

Wesley Schrock | Ryan Williams

Bursting with enthusiasm, this exciting dance-genre song  is loud and living with thanks for the difference God makes to life. 'The old life is gone, It's a new day'!

He's Alive

Nathan Fellingham | Lou Fellingham | Emma Pears

Uplifting song telling the amazing story that Christ is risen.  With a bouyant Gospel flavour, this is perfect for a small vocal group or choir.

Solid Ground

Anna Brading

With a pop positivity to the arrangement and melody, this  is an uplifting shout to Jesus being our solid ground. 

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