Top 10 Response Songs

Dec 1, 2022
Tagged: Response

Build My Life

(Worthy of every song we could ever sing)

Brett Younker | Pat Barrett | Matt Redman | Karl Martin | Kirby Kaple

The excellently crafted 'Build My Life' has become incredibly well-loved. Ideal for expressing a worshipful response to Jesus who is worthy - the true and firmest foundation for life.   

It Is Well

(Grander earth has quaked before)

Philip Paul Bliss | Kristene DiMarco | Horatio Gates Spafford

Popular reworking of beloved hymn 'It Is Well With My Soul' is written by Kristene DiMarco with Horatio Spafford and Philip Bliss receiving posthumous credits. With a totally new musical perspective and structure, the highly singable new chorus and featurette of the original chorus combine superbly.

Thank You For Fathering Me

Pete James | Aaron Keyes

A reflective  response to the fatherly care and love of God. The lyrical focus is clear - through all of life's twists and turns, we can trust and hold firm to God as adopted children of the King.

We Say Yes

Ian Yates | Sam Blake | Joel Pridmore

Not every response song is slow in tempo, and 'We Say Yes' is a great example of an upbeat and stirring declaration - saying yes to the work and will of God.

Come Lord Jesus

Rebekah Cox | Sam Cox | Chris Eaton

There's a hymnal approach to this powerful prayerful request for the Lord Jesus to come in glory as we seek his face. With a well crafted melody, 'Come Lord Jesus' is uplifting and empowering.

I Worship You

Simon Brading

An honest and simple response of devotion. Ideal for ministry situations and easily led acoustically as well as by a band.

Come As You Are

Pete James | Harvey Jessop | Zach Neese

An invitation to come to the mercy of God and run into the arms of Jesus. The theme of surrender is central.

No Longer Slaves

(You unravel me, with a melody)

Joel Case | Brian Johnson | Jonathan David Helser

A deep response of thankfulness for being a child of God. This popular song affirms how the perfect love of God can deliver us from fear and that being part of God's family brings freedom!

I Am Yours

Nathan Jess | Ian Yates

A beautiful song of surrender - 'Everything I am is yours, There Is nothing I want more'. Congregational but also perfect to be sung over people during ministry time.

God I Look To You

(God, I look to you)

Jenn Johnson | Ian McIntosh

A musical prayer for wisdom coupled with a declaration of love and praise.

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