Verse 1
God made the gorilla
He made the hippo too
He made the parrot and the dog
The mole and kangaroo
He made the dolphin and the deer
The ant and chimpanzee
But the most amazing thing
Is God made you and me
Take a look in the mirror
Just who can you see
You're the special person
That God wanted you to be
He has made nobody else
Quite the same as you
And he loves you as you are
So why not love him too
Verse 2
God made the roaring lions
Foxes owls and cats
He made the mighty polar bear
Butterflies and bats
He made the stripy zebra
Spider fog and flea
But the most amazing thing
Is God made you and me
Verse 3
God made wriggly centipedes
Elephants in herds
Crocodiles and pandas
Cows and humming birds
He made the tiger hamster
Giraffe and bumble bee
But the most amazing thing is
God made you and me
CCLI: 4459415
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