Verse 1
In a world of guilt and fear
May it be your voice we hear loud and clear
Bringing peace to troubled hearts
And when wrong is seen as right
Lord your word is like a light shining bright
Bringing truth to all the earth
Like Samuel in the temple
I am willing to receive your Holy Word
Let the voice of God be heard
Verse 2
Speak Lord your servant’s listening
With an open heart an open mind
Search me Lord and find I’m ready
Speak Lord your servant’s listening
In your presence I will humbly bow
Come and meet me now I’m listening Lord
Verse 3
When a moment of despair
Needs a word of answered prayer you are there
Bringing hope where hope had gone
And at the end of each long day
When all strength has ebbed away who can say
Come to me I’ll give you rest
CCLI: 7058560
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